Lovely Day

First, watch this. It is beautiful and says it better than I possibly ever could. Seriously, watch it now!

Second, for a bit of Easter humor, watch this... Seriously, do it now!

Third, I just got THE creepiest voicemail from my "boyfriend" wishing me a Happy Easter. If someone has any clues as to who this person was, please tell me. I'd like to thank them for the TEARS of LAUGHTER that I just experienced. :) I so wish I could share it with you... I'll see what I can do.

Anyone know how to post an Audio file???


Stephanie and Such said...

1. love that you have something serious, then something funny.
2. love the mormon message. you should watch elder hollands one about easter, so good.
3. HAHAHA love that the boy doesnt move AT ALL!

S and O said...

Happy Easter to you!
Thanks for sharing these videos...

Miss A said...

The first video is amazing :O And the second is super hilarious, haha! And you have an admirer?! How wonderful! HAHAHA! I so wish I could hear the message xD

Sunny & Star said...

Love your videos.

Sorry I don't know how to post an audio file. :( I am very computer challenged.

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