*Again, I posted the links in case my blog is cutting the video in half for you*

Who knew goats were so funny?? Adorable! But funny. :) The best part of this video is at :50 and repeated at the end. I can kind of relate to these "fainting goats" though... Usually when I get really scared I just freeze up like that. So I get it. haha!

I present to you, The Fainting Goats...

This is from Ellen's Best Web Videos. I posted this because of the first video she shares, but they're all good.

So, yay for finding something that is suprisingly funny. Something you may have never really thought of being funny before. :) Hope it made you laugh or giggle.


Stephanie and Such said...

Bahah! Seriously? Loved them both! I NEVER find good videos. Have you ever watched Ellens secret camera with David Beckham getting a massage? Totally worth your time. I mean I don't agree with Ellen's view on...well..marriage...but I seriously think she is the funniest person ever!!

THanks for sharing both of these! MUAH!

Cecilia Warner said...

hahha seriously these videos were awesome thanks for sharing gentri<3

Sunny & Star said...

Great videos. :)

A Lost Feather said...

oh my gosh the goats! haha i've seen a video of goats like that before.. one of my friends had seen them on a show on tv and made me watch them over and over.. poor, funny guys!

boo is doing much better this evening! thank you for your concern :) when he fell he hit his chest and apparently bruised his sternum! so strange!

hehe i also saw your comment about golf. isn't it strangely relaxing to watch? i don't know what got into me either, but i've been watching it for 2 years now.. sometimes when i'm home alone!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Oh my goodness I want my dog to be that smart. But nope he likes to chew on my shoes instead. I agree with steph I love Ellen and ditto on the marriage thing.

Write it in Lipstick

Hayley said...

Are those goats not hte craziest thing ever? there was a myth busters testing if it was true or not and it took them a while to get them down, pretty funny seeing them try to scare the goats to faint though haha and i lvoe ellen.

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