Dragons and Music

So today I didn't laugh too much- sad, I know. Except when I was reminded of this video by Alexis over at A Beautiful Day to be Alive.

But something that you all really should check out would be Lenka's new album. I am a BIG fan of her first album and LOOOVE this one as well!! Here's her first Music Video from the album. ENJOY! (I've had it on repeat)

P.S. Wouldn't it be great if hospital gowns looked like hers?


AllyM said...

I love your name! Your blog is awesome. I'm your newest reader:) Come check out what im wearing every wednesday and tomorrow my best friend and I are starting something new! come check it out!


A Lost Feather said...

i haven't heard of lenka.. she's so pretty and just listened to this song- cute!

thank you for complimenting my necklaccceee.. i love foxes and lions too hehe :)

Monique said...

I love that video!! Newest follower! :)

Monique xx


Miss A said...

Alby the Racist Dragon +_+ Bwahaha!
Ooh, I didn't know Lenka until now, but that's quite a catchy song ^^ I like it!
I just got a Maybelline Color Sensational for daily use. It's nice and the gel eye liner looks awesome! So yay for new make up, hehe :D

Sunny & Star said...

Love the videos. I had never heard of her before.

Becca and Derek said...

Stumbled upon your blog through some of my friends. Too cute! Love FOTC as well! Check out my blog and my current give-a-way!

Happy Kathy said...

I agree with you about Lenka...I totally looove this song too!! :-))

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