Something funny... I have been craving onions like CRAAAAAZY!!! Every day. I thought it was a one time thing. But no. I can't get them out of my head! WHY?!?! Please, someone tell me why! (and I'll just take care of this one now- NO I'm not pregnant!!! Not even close)

ALSO... while you're at it, could you tell me about a fantastic recipe that has OODLES of onions in it??? I'd really appreciate it. Just send your recipes to gentrileeblog@gmail.com :) Thaaaanks lots! (any kind of onion will do)

I've also had another craving. It's for more makeup than I need. Sheesh. I need to get over that one soon... I have a trip to save up for. BUT before I do get over it, I wanted to share with you two of my current obsessions! (I'm actually wearing both right this second!)

First is Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain. It's A.Maz.Ing!! First you get to color on your lips with what seems to be a marker, then you add moisture (it comes with some but any will work), then you get to enjoy it AAALLL day! Seriously. It lasted through lots of talking while I taught, eating, and drinking from my water bottle, and even looked better when I would add more chapstick! (I may or may not be obsessed with my chapstick and cry if I ever forget or lose it...)

Second is Essie's Nail Polish in Turquoise & Caicos!! (really any of their colors, but this one right now) It is such a fun bright color and I just love it!


Smith Family said...

Send me your email address and I will email you an extremely delicious salad that has red onion and a dressing you make to go on it that has red onion in it. You will LOVE it!

Miss A said...

A craving for onions? Haha, now that's funny! I'm afraid I don't know any recipes though :/
And gorgeous make up! That lip stain looks amazing! I must get one soon x) Too bad we don't get Essie in India. Boo.

Pia said...

Craving onions, haha that is a little odd. BUT they can taste so good!
n Germany we have a dish called (translated) onion tart or onion cake. It's not sweet though, it's basically a quiche with onions. SO yummy.

Nnenna said...

A craving for onions? I have no explanations! haha Love the nail polish color- it's so pretty! Also, where are you going on your trip?

star-crossed smile

Kaitlin said...

Onion soup!!!
I HAVE to get that lipstain stuff. What color do you have? I am mostly into browns but I wonder if another color would look good with my black hair.

P.s...if you want to see something that makes you laugh...watch the most recent video I posted on my blog!
I love your posts! You're darling!

Alexis Kaye said...

Hahah, I love you but onions have got to be the most disgusting things in the whole world!!

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