Christmas Gifts

I promised I'd show you what I made my family and a couple close friends for Christmas, and now I will. :) (Chablis, if you want to be suprised... don't read this post!)

First for a couple close friends I made these rosebud earings (Sorry it's blurry. My camera would NOT focus)...

as well as this antiqued rosebud and pearl necklace.

For my mom, sister Chablis, aunt and grandma I made this version of the necklace as well as made your average gloves into something cute that they can wear anywhere! Did I take a picture? No... Sorry.

For my sister McKenna, nieces, and cousin I made these necklaces. The chain can be cut down so it can either be a pendant or turned into a keychain.

I made them on wooden circles so I modge podged the back with a fun paper. In the background you can see the rosebud earings I made each of them to match their necklace.
There you go. :) Pretty sure that's it. See, not too exciting, but still fun. Hope you had a great Christmas. Get ready for the New Year!! Hope you all join me on my challenges!!


Merry Christmas... Eve!!

Tonight my church had a Christmas program. My dad got to be a Wise Man. :) One of the Wise Men wasn't there yet but I was leaving to visit a friend and I now know to never entrust the picture taking to my mom... she'll forget. Haha!

My dad's on the right.

Then we had Christmas dinner and got our Christmas jammies. Yay!

Trying to figure out what's in these packages!! Haha! Jk. :) We're big girls and we can wait...

This is the feather/bead/twine/twig mobile I made for Kenna yesterday. It's probably something I could have made at camp. But I saw something similar in a magazine and figured I could make it too since I'd already done handmade gifts anyways. She gets her real present tomorrow. :)

Cousins in our Christmas Jammie. Yay!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


We Need A Little Christmas

Around here we LOOOOVE Christmas!

Here is our beauiful tree. It's actually a lot more bare (believe it or not) than past years.

Close up.

And our Mantel.

This is just a small helping of our Christmas decor. Haha! I hope you guys are all having a great Christmas season!


Absent Much?

Luckily my absent-ness has a good excuse. Two days before Thanksgiving, I decided to have my appendix out... Well, not like you can really decide a thing like that. It was great. I sat on the couch for two weeks straight, watched lots of movies and tv, didn't really eat anything, and slept. Hence why I had no Thanksgiving or any other kind of posting going on. Sitting at the computer was kind of rough. (who knew, right?)

Anyways, I've been wanting to post about a new special member of our family for about a month now. Many of you know our baby Pixie joined our Kitty in animal heaven in August. Our house has been so empty and lonely until we just couldn't take it any more.

So we ventured to the animal shelter, and who did we find that stole our hearts???

This beauty right here...

She is the SWEETEST dog in the world, and INCREDIBLY well behaved! We have no idea why she was in the shelter. Breaks my heart. But now she has a new loving forever home with us! And yes, we LOVE her. Even my dad who (suprisingly) was the one saying no to getting another animal. But we see the way he acts with her and how he LOVES to take her on walks everyday after work... Can't fool us dad!

We think she's a Husky- Australian Shephard mix and she's about 5 yrs old. Great for our family. She's gone through quite the name change(s) since we got her. She started out as Skyla then to Tally, Sasha and now Sienna. I still don't know what to call her... She comes to anything so it hasn't been a problem. I just feel bad for her. Haha!

Here is her corner. I painted it and added a chandelier (let me just say that took me a long time to figure out the silhouette machine) to make it nice and cozy. Eventually I'll do more to it. But I had surgery... give me a break... haha!

She's such a beautiful dog, although she's not much of a picture taker. She likes to turn away every time I aim the camera at her- mostly cause she just wants some lovin instead. Sheesh. That's going to have to change... haha!

And here's her little bed and toy area. She loves to hide her toys from us. If you try to play with her toys with her she'll just take it and hide it from you. So funny!

I have more to updates coming soon. :)
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