Powder Room Makeover *Reveal*!

Oh my! Are you SO ready to see my bathroom??? :D I know you are! If you have forgotten the sad state it was in before you can see it HERE and the beginning stages of the makeover HERE. Now, before we reveal, I must show you some of the process...

First we painted the back of the bathroom (reveal coming in a sec.), then we painted the first color of the front of the bathroom (you can't really tell what it looks like in these first pics because I had to edit it so you could see the pencil lines better). Then, using my (suprisingly) FANTASTIC math skills ;) I measured out the wall and drew all the PERFECTLY straight lines we needed. I had to ask my mom to do the top ones... I'm a bit short if you didn't know already... even with the stool! Haha!

See?? Perfect rectangles.

Then I had to draw these PERFECT diagonal lines. Not easy. If you can't tell already, I'm really proud of myself. Haha!

Then we had to tape off all of the diamonds along the INSIDE of the lines of the diamonds that were STAYING the lighter color. Then you paint the ones that will NOT be staying that color with another coat of the first color to seal the tape so no bleeding happens. (this is how we got the perfect stripes in my room. You can find that post HERE) After it dries you can paint the new color. Be careful not to get it in the other diamonds.

Want to see how it turned out?! Eeeeeeeeeeep!!!


My royal bathroom!!! Perfect diamonds!! Oh I love them. :)

I wish I could get the color a bit closer to reality. It's really more of a gold than that yellow tan. But you get the idea right??

Here's a view of the side by the door...

And the side closer to the back of the bathroom...

A closer look... I LOVE that mirror. We got everything (all the accesories) at Hobby Lobby! Love that store.

A closer look of the other side. I'm also in love with that box on the wall. Sigh. Haha!

Ready for the back of the bathroom??


Mint Green and ruffles! Love. :)

My new pretty towel hooks...

My newely painted shelf! Used to be white. I like it better this way.

A close up of the light and outlet fixtures...

My shower curtain! It took forever and a day to find this thing. We almost just made one.


My new floor!! Yay!! Sooooooo much better than that half carpet half tile it was before!

A closer look...

Well there you have it!! You may have noticed the cabinents are the same. Eventually (never??) we'll get around to just redoing them entirely. Hence the old hardware. Oh well. :) As always, the pictures aren't near as good as the real thing. Guess you'll just have to see it in person! Haha!


A Bare Pallet

I have recently become a demolitionist (I'm still not sure if thats a word or not), a painter and an electrician! It's been very exciting.
Here is the progress of the bathroom:

It's bare. No floor (YES that's a new feature! I just came up with the idea yesterday! I'm getting a new floor and new baseboards!), no lights, no color, no mirrors and no doors.

a blank canvas just waiting for us to make it over!!

So White. It makes me excited to start the color today!

Yay! I don't think there will be any more posts about it until it's finished... I don't want to give anything away! But I'm pretty sure I'm going to LOVE it!
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