To the Cabin!!

Cabin season has officially started. :D
Isn't that amazing?? I love the mountains.
Look at our pool? Isn't it great? haha! I guess it's about 8 ft deep! I had no idea!
Passing Henry over the stream.

The pool with the mountains behind. :)
The stream.
Part of our mountain side. :) gorgeous! I hope the flowers are more in bloom next time I get up there.
Sliding down the snow bank. :D
Did you know they teach you how to ski and snowboard in Alaskan schools?? Hence Gracie's awesome form. Haha!
The mine.
Henry's SMOLDER.
Cousin Adam roasting a mallow. :)

Love the cabin. :)



Henry LOVES the Toy Story movies!! What little boy doesn't? And he was thrilled when he got his very own Woo-Wee and Woo-Wee pajamas!
of course I couldn't get him to take any good pictures... you'll have to live with these
Mommy and Henry... and Woo-Wee of course!
Theeeeeeeeenn came BUH!!!
He loves all the cool stuff Buh can do!

Don't you just love Kenna's face in the background?? BAHAHA!
All we hear from him all day long is Woo-Wee? Buuuh? Woo-Wee! Buuuuh!
He's such a cute and fun little boy. :)
Happy 4th of July!!!

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