Henry's Haircut

Look at him! Sooo cute! I love that belly. Haha!
And the finished product...
Drum Roll Please.......

TA DA!! The finished product! Yay! A Mohawk!
Henry's feelin' pretty cool right now!
What?? You don't like it????
Ooooooh fine.
I guess we'll just give him a buzz just like his dad...

And now...
for the REAL finished product!!
Presenting Henry's new haircut!!
*Cheers from the crowd as Henry gives his impression of "Blue Steel" from Zoolander*
Isn't he cute? Aaaaaaaw!!

Now in other less exciting news. I hiked to a nearby waterfall the other day. :) It was fun. Here's a couple of pictures.
A bird playing in the water.
And the waterfall. :) Lovely.
P.S. I'm loving my new camera I got for my Bday!! :D (ignore the blue steel pic. That was actually taken w Kenna's phone)


I was waiting for my sis to post these on her blog since we did these activities because her hubby was in town... But I'm tired of waiting and not having anything to post on my own blog... So... Sorry Chib! You can still post them. Not all the same people read our blogs anyways. :)
So a couple of weeks ago we went to the ZOO! It was so much fun! I love going. Plus, it was a GORGEOUS day!
I am pretty proud of myself for some of the pictures I took. Trust me... it was NOT easy.
I have such cute nieces.
Don't know why, but I love this.
Love the reflection! Then you can see him(her?) at all angles!
The Lynx!
Tiger! Probably the hardest picture to get... Seriously. Not only was it super far away but I was back about 20 people standing on my tip toes with my arms stretched as high as I could get them... And I'm not tall in any sense of the word.
The kids. :) Love them. Look at Lydia. Hardly staying on but keeping her perfect photo face up.
I LOVE this picture! This is Asia. Lydia's choice from the Zoo gift shop.
Classic family photo. Hahahaha!
Then last week we took a trip to Moab! It's been SO long since I've been. So glad we went because it was a BLAST!
These pics are at the old mining cabins in the middle of nowhere! No joke.
One of the cabins.
The Wind Caves!
Now THIS is a great family photo!
Everyone except me. Downside to being behind the lense. Oh well, I like my job. :)
My dad outside of the Wind Caves.
View from the Dinosaur track hill. Can you say AMAZING?? I love where we live. :)
That's all I'll post. Leave at least a little for Chib. Haha! Hope you're all doing well!!

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