Hooray For Mothers!!

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you so much! Thank you for everything you've taught me. :)
This is How our Mothers Day has gone so far...
Gifts for the Moms of the house. (From Left to Right) Chablis- Card sent by Scott from Cuba and Zipper Flowers, Grandma- Flowers (Not sure what kind) and Zipper Flowers, Mom- Orchids and card from my Dad and Zipper Flowers.
I sure hope they like these cause they took me forever to figure out how to do last night! They're pins so you can wear them with anything! I made the same ones for my mom and Chablis.
And these ones for my Grandma.
Here's the card from Scott and the kids to Chablis! Notice the lovely art by the kids. :)
It came with a sticker that says "The Amazing Incredible Super Mom"!
A drawing for Chablis from Gracie.
And one from Lydia.
Gracie also made this for Chablis at School a cute poem and adorable wind chimes!
The poem says "More than stars love to glow, more than butterfly's love to fly, more than chocolate loves to melt, more than rain loves to fall, mother dear I love you!! Love Gracie XXXOO
So sweet. :)
I got up early to make sure everything was perfect for the requested Mothers Day Breakfast(German Pancakes), and the kids and I all hid behind the counter as Mom and Chablis came down the stairs and jumped out and yelled "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!" (Gracie and Lydia's idea. They're genius!) It was a great start to a great Mothers day. :)
That is... Until...
The girls decided to tear up the entire newspaper... They were in trouble and wouldn't look at the camera for pictures... Hahaha!
Gracie was so upset that she had made such a mess on Mother's Day that she proclaimed "This is the worst Mother's Day EVER!!" She thought she ruined it. Silly girl. :)
But other than that, I think it's going to be a great day. :) The kids are being really sweet to Chablis today, and it's bright and sunny with not a cloud in the sky!


I Love Disney!!


If you know me at all, you know my love for disney. :D Follow that link and watch the video... AMAZING!!! Wow!
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