I am so grateful the sun is out and will be out for at least a few days!! Whew! Last week we took the kids to the park with their cousins and some friends. This park is amazing! It has a 3 story slide! I love it. For some reason I didn't get a picture of the slide... One day maybe.
Here's Gracie climbing the rock wall! She can be fearless. This of course is the only picture I got of her because she was running around the whole time and didn't stop, so I barely saw her... I'm glad she had fun though!
Here's Henry. He LOVED the park! He wanted to be just like the big kids and go down the slides by himself, climb the ladders solo, and throw the biggest rocks down the hill... Henry+Rocks= Best Friends (Unfortunately)...
And Lydia. She finally went down the 3 story slide all by herself! And she loved it! Hooray for being brave!
On Sunday I was chewing some bubble gum while babysitting Henry. He was in awe at the bubbles. So I got some pictures cause he was being so cute! Of course he didn't smile or laugh for any of the pictures. Oh well...
He kept trying to grab the bubbles. So after he popped this one... I threw it away... It had goldfish crumbs in it... BLECH!
Monday I went to Target with Chib and she found this wonderful doggy shirt for $1. So we got it for Pixie. Haha! She wasn't all that thrilled about it...
See. This is her "GET IT OFF ME" face. haha! I did take it off her cause the neck was a bit tight and we were leaving again, so I didn't want her to strangle herself while we were gone... hahaha! But I'll put it back on her soon.


~*~::Happy Easter::~*~

I am lucky to have grown up in the best neighborhood ever! Every year we would have an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood park and everyone and their dogs would be there! (literally)
It was fun to now watch my nieces and nephew enjoy it like I did. :)
Here's Grandpa and Henry (Sorry Scott! I just thought since it's his middle name).
Here are the girls listening to the Easter story.
Love this boy.
Hunting for eggs.
Henry loved finding eggs! And then throwing them...
Found some!
Showing off their spoils.
Now it's Easter Morning!
The girls were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny had been here!
Love these girls.
Grandpa made his Sunday morning pancakes. Can you see Donald Duck?
That silly Easter Bunny hid all the eggs we had colored.
He even left pawprints on our doorstep!! :O
That was probably the girls favorite part. :) It was so cute!
I hope you have a Happy Easter and remember why we celebrate this most wonderful holiday.

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