The Parade Disaster

So my dad decided to take apart a clothes washer plunger thing (Don't ask cause I don't know the answer) and gave a part to both my nieces and kept a part for himself then announced they should parade around the room. (Oh the goings ons of our household)

Grace had a big cone piece which she used as a trumpet by sticking her face in and humming... Well she could kind of see where she was going... but not completely... You'll see (or at least you'll kind of see. It's a bad quality video. When do I ever post anything high quality on here?)

Just Watch!!


She was so embarassed... haha! Poor thing. But she recovered quickly as you can see. :)


Little Bites

I was watching AFV with my dad, Kenna, and our friend Kenzie. Then came commercial time...

Me: I hate this commercial. Want to know why?

Kenna: Why?

Me: Cause those shoes wouldn't even fit the Big Wheat!

Dad: You're criticizing the commercial for a lack of reality?? It's a talking Biscuit!!!

All: Laughing until we cry and laughing even harder cause my dad was laughing harder than I've seen in a long time. :D

I don't know if that's funny to any of you. But we seriously laughed till it hurt. :)


Cars, Carbs and Movie Stars!!

I had a great time this evening with my dad and his best friend Mark at the Classics and Hot Rods Car Show!! It was so awesome! Here are some of my favorites!
This one isn't actually drive-able. But it was cool just the same.
Look at this bike!! It was Insane! The metal work had skulls carved into it! Fine workmanship here.
COBRA'S... I want the silver one... Bad.
The Hudson Hornet from Disney's CARS! Woot Woot!! So glad I get my Disney fix wherever I go. :)
The Lamborghini... DROOOOL.
I got a double dose of Disney tonight! They also had Brenda Song from Disney Channel's "The Suite Life On Deck" there to sign autographs! Woot!! I REALLY wanted to meet her... But the line was really long. :( So I just took a picture from the crowd. Boring.
To top off the night we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Yum. I feel sufficiently Americanised. :D
It really was such a fun night. :) I'm really glad I went. Love my dad.
P.S. They also had BMX stunters there! They were awesome. I havn't even watched this video yet, and I'm sure it's not a very good one. I took it at the begining of their show so it was just introductions etc. But enjoy what you can!

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