Gentri Lee: January 2010


A Winter Picnic

It was Ammon's Bday on Sunday, so we celebrated today! He is a wonderful person and I'm so blessed to have him in my life.
To celebrate we bundled up and got Zupas to go (I'm addicted to that place... YUM) then took it to this interesting park I discovered the other day. We sat inside the little pavilion (picture down lower) to eat, then took some family pictures!
Here's Sierra and I.
Best Friends Today, Tomorrow, and Always!
Here are the girls!
Kate, Kenna, Me, Sierra
Bridge Photos
Oh Ammon...
And Tay! I'm so proud of you for smiling with your teeth!
I love this picture. Even if it is only half of my face. haha! Notice the hat?? Ya, I love it. :)
Three Best Friends in the pavilion.
Next we WERE going to go to a Roller Rink!! Ya! Don't ask me why, I just thought it'd be fun. But no. Instead we drove around for a half an hour trying to get Ammon to decide where he wanted to go. He finally settled on... Bowling. It really wasn't too bad. I did better than I have in a long time. haha! Woot.


A Taste Of Spring

Today was a beautiful day. Yes there's been a lot of smog which means really bad air quality. But, look at that sky! Talk about blue! It was 45 degrees at noon, and still in the 40's now. I love it and just wish it would stay.
It was Sierra's Bday on tuesday! Happy Birthday Sierra! I am so happy that she is my friend. She always makes me laugh and keeps things light. To celebrate we went to Wingers then bowling. I'm pretty sure I had the most amazing pair of bowling shoes ever! My feet are so little these are a size 2. Hence the velcro. Hence why their awesome. haha!
Unfortunately that is the only picture I got of the entire night!! Nonetheless, it was a fantastic night. :D


Ringing in the New Year

I do not like new years... There's something about it. I think it's because I feel like all the good fun things that happened the past year are officially over. Anyways, this year I decided better to have a great party to keep me distracted instead of dwelling on my dislike for it. So I did.
It was an Ugly Sweater/ Fondue party (thanks to the new fondue pot Chib got me for Christmas!). It was a lot of fun and I had a pretty good turn out! The house was full, so I'm thinking that's pretty good.
We had all kinds of fondue! There was a white chocolate and a milk chocolate fountain...
A yummy cheese fondue, and an oil fondue to cook your meats and vegetables in!
Plus I had everything you could ever want or need to dip in the fondue. Fruit and snacks for the chocolate, vegetables, bread and little smokies for the cheese and steak and vegetables for the oil.
I was so distracted last night (I guess my plan worked), that I forgot to take pictures of anything else really. :P
But I can tell you, we had fun decorations, noise makers, THE CANNON and sparkling cider to celebrate the countdown, a dance party in my family room and we pulled an all nighter to start the year off right... or... er... just because we're dumb like that. haha!
Thank you to everyone who came and made it a success! I had a blast!