We Need A Little Christmas

Around here we LOOOOVE Christmas!

Here is our beauiful tree. It's actually a lot more bare (believe it or not) than past years.

Close up.

And our Mantel.

This is just a small helping of our Christmas decor. Haha! I hope you guys are all having a great Christmas season!


Chablis said...

So beautiful! Do you know what I'm most jealous of?? The sunlight coming in through the windows. Heaven knows we don't get ANY of that here in this house lately. :(

DuncanKaitlyn said...

So stinkin' cute!

Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

Beautiful! I love all of the greenery! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I picked the name "alpine poppy" because I love the mountains and I also love all things pretty! An alpine poppy is a really beautiful flower that grows in the alps, and other alpine environments. It is delicate and lovely, yet at the same time tough and resilient, I think that is a pretty great combination :)

Jenkins said...

I love all the decorations- so so cute. I also love the snowflakes on your blog! Where did you get them??

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