Merry Christmas... Eve!!

Tonight my church had a Christmas program. My dad got to be a Wise Man. :) One of the Wise Men wasn't there yet but I was leaving to visit a friend and I now know to never entrust the picture taking to my mom... she'll forget. Haha!

My dad's on the right.

Then we had Christmas dinner and got our Christmas jammies. Yay!

Trying to figure out what's in these packages!! Haha! Jk. :) We're big girls and we can wait...

This is the feather/bead/twine/twig mobile I made for Kenna yesterday. It's probably something I could have made at camp. But I saw something similar in a magazine and figured I could make it too since I'd already done handmade gifts anyways. She gets her real present tomorrow. :)

Cousins in our Christmas Jammie. Yay!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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DuncanKaitlyn said...

It looks like you had a very Merry Christmas!

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