Christmas Gifts

I promised I'd show you what I made my family and a couple close friends for Christmas, and now I will. :) (Chablis, if you want to be suprised... don't read this post!)

First for a couple close friends I made these rosebud earings (Sorry it's blurry. My camera would NOT focus)...

as well as this antiqued rosebud and pearl necklace.

For my mom, sister Chablis, aunt and grandma I made this version of the necklace as well as made your average gloves into something cute that they can wear anywhere! Did I take a picture? No... Sorry.

For my sister McKenna, nieces, and cousin I made these necklaces. The chain can be cut down so it can either be a pendant or turned into a keychain.

I made them on wooden circles so I modge podged the back with a fun paper. In the background you can see the rosebud earings I made each of them to match their necklace.
There you go. :) Pretty sure that's it. See, not too exciting, but still fun. Hope you had a great Christmas. Get ready for the New Year!! Hope you all join me on my challenges!!


xantogal said...

You are so creative! Very nice job :)

Julie A. said...

Those are cute!

Kaitlin said...

Cutest stuff EVER! I wish I could make stuff like that!

Sara Shoemaker said...

aww I love those flower necklaces! My favorite is the last picture and it's the blue and (brown?) flower on the right :) I love your Amazing bathroom too holy cow! i can't tell you how much your sweet comments meant to me and thanks for following me too!!!

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