This is Halloween!!

I wish I could have given you more pictures from my mom's Witches Party, but I wasn't even there. I was teaching a dance class. My neighbor/ photographer was kind enough to come over and take some pictures for us (you can find his blog HERE). But I do have pictures of what Halloween looks like at our house for you! Lets take a look, shall we??

A cute wiches hat.

Our Living/ Family room shelf.

Our Dining Room.

Our Fire Place Mantel.

Entry Sitting Area.

And what you'd see as you stepped into our Entry Way.

I also have a couple other random pictures for you.

Here is what my mom made as her Invitation for her party... Ya, she's talented and a bit obsessed with Halloween... She even added a hook on the back so that her guests are able to keep it as a Halloween decoration! And for the info part she didn't do your basic time, date, place etc. No. It was a full on 6 paragraph Halloween poem folded and sealed on the back of the invitation. Sheesh. One day I will be like her. Until then I can only try.

Sunday evenings I often find myself bored. So this last Sunday I decided to start (a tad late in the season) our neighborhood "BOO"'s. I made pumpkin cookies and everything! Yay. I am a terrible doorbell ditcher. So I enlisted my neighbors little boy to help me out. He LOVED it and begged me to take him whenever I doorbell ditch in the future... I guess I'm going to have to come up with versions for all the holiday's so he's not disapointed that I rarely doorbell ditch. Haha!

I know what you're thinking. Two posts in one day and still no bathroom update?! I PROMISE it's coming. Still no hardware. :P But I am heading up to Hobby Lobby today so hopefuly I'll be able to get some hardware and be done with it!


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Chablis said...

This makes me slightly homesick. :(

I love it all!

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