Powder Room Makeover

Welcome to my bathroom.

It's boring, and hasn't been updated since... I can't remember. A LONG time ago. So, we are now finally giving it a much needed makeover!

First things first.
Wallpaper= GONE!

I had to steam it off. It was on there pretty good.

Here's the back of the bathroom. See? I told you it was BORING!

More boring-ness.

Front of the bathroom. Notice the broken mirror (sharp edges and it doesn't close), the far mirror has bits of writing left on that I can't get off as well as the missing towel ring from the wall...

And here's a different veiw of the front of the bathroom. That clock and the few things on the shelf are slight previews of what if will look like. But that's all you're getting until I'm done!!

I'm not sure that shelf is even going to survive the makeover...

Oh, but I am excited!! You will love how it's going to turn out. I'm sure of it! Haha!

1 comment

Chablis said...

FUN!!! Don't ask me why we didn't have energy to do it this summer. :( wish I were there to help!

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