Being Crafty

My old roomie and friend Bethany was in town for a baby shower (which I missed... ahem. We went to lunch to make up for it.) so I had to come up with a cute baby gift. I'm getting better at this creativity thing! Look at what I did! Be proud!

I made cute flowers and sewed (YES! I sewed!!) snap buttons onto them so she can change out which flower for her cute Anabelle to wear each day.

She has brown, turquois, yellow...

Black, green and pink!

So, while I may not be the most crafty of them all, I try. And I must say that I'm pretty darn proud of this. :)

Check out her babies blog here: http://mapetiteannabelle.blogspot.com/


Julie A. said...

So did you follow a tutorial for those flowers? They're cute! I added a little skirt onto a onesie (thus making it into a dress) for a friend's baby shower, and I wanted to add a cute little flower on the top part of the onesie... I just couldn't find the right tutorial at the time though (and I was short on time).

Rachel said...

So cute! If my baby comes out a girl will you make one for me?
I read your friends baby blog and she sounds like the perfect little mommy to be! She is adorable.

Chablis said...

Super cute! Look at you getting all cozy with your inner "stay at home mommy". :)

Shelby said...

They are SOOO cute gentri!! I actually don't know how to make those flowers, so you should show me!
I love you!

Bethany said...

They really are sooo cute and I'm glad Annabelle gets to show off your creative talent! Love you! It was so great to see you!

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