Henry's Haircut

Look at him! Sooo cute! I love that belly. Haha!
And the finished product...
Drum Roll Please.......

TA DA!! The finished product! Yay! A Mohawk!
Henry's feelin' pretty cool right now!
What?? You don't like it????
Ooooooh fine.
I guess we'll just give him a buzz just like his dad...

And now...
for the REAL finished product!!
Presenting Henry's new haircut!!
*Cheers from the crowd as Henry gives his impression of "Blue Steel" from Zoolander*
Isn't he cute? Aaaaaaaw!!

Now in other less exciting news. I hiked to a nearby waterfall the other day. :) It was fun. Here's a couple of pictures.
A bird playing in the water.
And the waterfall. :) Lovely.
P.S. I'm loving my new camera I got for my Bday!! :D (ignore the blue steel pic. That was actually taken w Kenna's phone)


k+m said...

you TOTALLY should have left the mohawk!!! i love it! we just shaved brode's hair off tonight too. cute cute boys!
what kind of camera did you get?? i was actually going to ask if you got a new camera before i read the last line. they look fabulous! good work!

Julie Arndt said...

What a cute boy! I'm not sure I could ever give my kid a mohawk- maybe for a very short time like this.

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