~*~::Happy Easter::~*~

I am lucky to have grown up in the best neighborhood ever! Every year we would have an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood park and everyone and their dogs would be there! (literally)
It was fun to now watch my nieces and nephew enjoy it like I did. :)
Here's Grandpa and Henry (Sorry Scott! I just thought since it's his middle name).
Here are the girls listening to the Easter story.
Love this boy.
Hunting for eggs.
Henry loved finding eggs! And then throwing them...
Found some!
Showing off their spoils.
Now it's Easter Morning!
The girls were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny had been here!
Love these girls.
Grandpa made his Sunday morning pancakes. Can you see Donald Duck?
That silly Easter Bunny hid all the eggs we had colored.
He even left pawprints on our doorstep!! :O
That was probably the girls favorite part. :) It was so cute!
I hope you have a Happy Easter and remember why we celebrate this most wonderful holiday.


Chablis said...

Yes, this has been fun! It is always so much fun with little kids. :)

Julie Arndt said...

Happy Easter, Gentri! I'm glad you get to have your nieces and nephew out here to enjoy the holiday with! Kids are so much fun to watch on holidays like this!

Scott in Cuba said...

Great post! I love the pictures. But the boy's name is Henry, not Little Jay. Thanks for the post, keep them up, please.

Della said...

Can you believe that my family didn't even have an egg hunt? I so would have hunted. I'm never going to be too old!

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