A Taste Of Spring

Today was a beautiful day. Yes there's been a lot of smog which means really bad air quality. But, look at that sky! Talk about blue! It was 45 degrees at noon, and still in the 40's now. I love it and just wish it would stay.
It was Sierra's Bday on tuesday! Happy Birthday Sierra! I am so happy that she is my friend. She always makes me laugh and keeps things light. To celebrate we went to Wingers then bowling. I'm pretty sure I had the most amazing pair of bowling shoes ever! My feet are so little these are a size 2. Hence the velcro. Hence why their awesome. haha!
Unfortunately that is the only picture I got of the entire night!! Nonetheless, it was a fantastic night. :D

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Chablis said...

I am so jealous of those warm temperatures! And those shoes...

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