Arg Matey! This Be A Pirate Party!!

Oh look! An invitation! I wonder what it says...
A wax seal! How official!

Basically, if you can't read it, it's an invitation to my pirate party.

The Table!! We served a hearty vegetable soup with loaves of bread to tear at. Then mashed potatos and gravy(thank you matt!!!!), pineapple (keeps away the scurvy) and herbed chicken. With Martinellis Sparkling Cider (Drink up me hearty's YOHO!) and apple pie for dessert!

Lots Of Booty!!

That leather folder holds a map inside!!

Me crown!

Last man who tried to mutany me!

Steve decided he was sick the day of the party, well, Captain Peg Leg Peggy (me) won't stand for that... He's now wall decoration. JUST KIDDING!

AYE! Beware of Pirates!

Here be part of me crew!

After dinner we had a legit treasure hunt....that didn't start or end so well. One car hit Mindy's mailbox, and my car (I wasn't driving) got pulled over. Luckily the cop was very nice and found it funny that we were dressed up like pirates on a treasure hunt...hahahahaha!! Ya... So he let us go. The treasure hunt involved a cave, messages in bottles, cemetaries etc. Unfortunately we completely messed up when we were setting it up and it didn't work out as well as it could have. haha! Oh well. It was a crazy adventure.
We ended the night by watching Pirates of the Carribean (the first one, it's the best) in Mindy's theatre room. I didn't get home until 3:30... But it was a really fun night!!
I'll possibly be posting more pictures from other people that I havn't received yet.

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