Utah To Mazatlan...And Back Again

And We're OFF!!!
We started off around 7, ate in cedar city with kenna then spent the night with my aunt DeAnn in St. George. (THANK YOU!!)
We were off early the next day to Las Vegas!
Here we are outside the venetian. It was beautiful. The day started out Great! We had lots of energy and it was exciting! I even got asked out to dinner by a guy who followed us for a second calling me "Little Cuteness" over and over. As you would have guessed, that is my new nickname.
Unfortunately... I'm never going back to vegas...or not so unfortunately. I was so sick that by the end of the day I was completely drained and the pictures of me from 3 o'clock on are so sad. Plus vegas gets worse and worse all the time. So sad, but that was my last trip there.

It was time for happier times! We left vegas around 5 to drive to cali, where we spent the next two nights with Mindy's sister (Thank You!!). LUCKILY the next morning I was feeling SO much better and ready for...

This day was SO much fun! It's been WAY too long since I've been. It was so great to be back. :) Plus! It was halloween time! Best time of the year at Disney Parks.

I was ascared of the haunted mansion... :(

We pretty much
That's pretty much unheard of! I ended up being in the front both times...and i've never come off that ride more soaked than this time...take a look, obviously the picture does not do it justice:

Best ride ever!!

Fantasyland with no guests walking around (thanks to the fireworks). So wonderful!
Mikelle excavating!

Renee and Jenn were scared of the Indiana Jones ride. :(

Well, that's all the pictures I felt like posting from our trip to disneyland. It was now time to leave America...
And enter Mazatlan, Mexico!

The city during the day...

Our cab(pnuemonia...spelling?) driver havier took us grocier shopping. He was such a nice guy.

Our living room...

Half of our balcony...yes, that's a hot tub.

Looking off into the horizon from our balcony. We were so lucky they upgraded us!!

first sunset....no joke, they get better!!

Us at a fancy dinner on the beach at our hotel. :) i learned you don't order american food...anywhere but america.

2nd sunset! Gorgeous!

Our favorite pool where we spent most of our time. We had 5 to choose from...not to brag or anything...
3rd sunset!! Breathtaking

The girls went parasailing! This is a picture of Mindy.

Tropical Flowers

Our room is all the way on the right second from the top!

Other pool. It had a waterslide!!

Our last dinner in Mazatlan in our dining room. :( If we weren't at the pool we were mostly in our room being lazy. It was great.

Last sunset...my favorite.

The city at night.

On our way to checkout. The elevator was quite full.

In the airport. We're real senioritas now!

Traveling home.

This is Renee's prize from one of those chocolate eggs. I just love Mikelle and my face in the background. haha!

Well that was it for mexico. It was back to America. yay!!
We had a couple days before it was time to head home. So we spent it in Cali with Renee's family this time. (Thank You!!!)
It was a relaxing couple of days. Wouldn't this be a GREAT place to live?? Your own private lake! People had waterslides into the water from their backyards! While admiring the homes we were trying to feed the ducks...but they were unresponsive. Guess their not used to people feeding them.

After a couple days in Cali, it was time to head home. So we packed back up in my car and started off.
Here's Jenn saying goodbye vacation!!

And Renee saying: AH!!! That guy was Crazy!! What was he thinking??

And Mikelle saying: What a great trip!! I'm so glad we went!

There you have it. :) A small recap of our trip. There are more pictures and some I havn't seen yet. So if there are anymore worth posting I'll post them. You should all take a trip to Mazatlan. It's wonderful!
P.S. Most pictures courtesy of Jennifer Mathis, Photographer, Mindy Parrish And Renee Masson.



I love fall. And since yesterday was GORGEOUS i decided to try my hand at some more photography. Im not sure I have a talent, but I am sure that nature was absolutely perfect for me yesterday. Here are some of my favorites:

Love these shoes!

There you go, thanks to a beautiful day, we got some pretty cool pictures.
If you're dying to see pictures of my trip (I know you are! jk) You'll have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately I have very few from our trip, I let the other girls do most of the picture taking, so I have to wait until I can get them from them.
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