A Serious Unjustice!

So as many of you know, my kitty whiskas is in kitty heaven. (if you didn't know, scroll down to the post titled "kitty heaven")
My younger sis and I were both quite upset at his passing only to find out later that it wasn't his old age that took his life, it was in fact...murder... To save the face of those resposible, I will not disclose any who's what's when's where's or how's. But I will say this, they denied it only to be proven guilty!
they have since apologized and been forgiven...but that doesn't make for a good blog post... ;)
To show their remorse, they took Kenna out shopping for some new jeans etc! So lucky! I am in desperate need of some new jeans and thought maybe I'd be so lucky too....
I got a "grow in the water" pink cat...
At least it's pink right???
Welllll, I figured I'd make the best of the situation and document her growth then blog about it.
Here she is! All ready to be growd up!
As you can tell, this is just the begining...and I shall NEVER know how big she would have gotten (les and I were crossing our fingers that she'd get as big as our house and we could sled on her)...because... Someone has murdered pink grow in the water cat as well!!!!!! =*(

The only evidence I can find is the empty vace in the dishwasher...

I didn't even get to say goodbye...

It's a serious unjustice and I have lost two pets with in two weeks... =*(
(please leave your condolence money which will go towards the cause of making gentri happy again with new jeans in the comments)


Roy? Roy?

So, one of my best friends (and sister) in the whole of forever has moved away to school. Good for her sad for me. :( We had a great time moving her stuff down and getting her all set for college life! But, I miss you Kenna Lee!
Kenna hurt her elbow...ouch. Here's her side of her dorm. They're quite small. She started to put things where she thought they should go, but I quickly took over and put them where they really needed to go, and made things cute. :D (thats my specialty!) Of course there's only so much you can do, and I couldn't take good pictures, so they're blury. Sorry.
When we graduate from high school, we get a home made quilt made by our dear mother. Isn't this one beautiful? I couldn't get a great pic because of the height of the bed...
Decorative pillows to complete her bed. Makes it more home-y right?
And one of the coolest things EVER! is this: It's a room difuser (makes it smell nice) and it (hold onto your chairs) CHANGES COLORS!!! SO amazing! Thanks from kenna to jeff. :)
So there you go. Kenna is having the time of her life already. :) Kenna, always remember to: Be honest and kind and good and true, In all that you say in all that you do (and follow the Prophet in all that you do) (and treat others how you want them to treat you) (and strive for exellence in all that you do). I want those repeat one ever day on your way to school! Just like we were raised to do!


Zero To Hero!

Here we have one of my dance classes summer performance! :D I was super excited about this dance because, as you would have guessed, it's to a disney song! haha! They did a great job, expecially for still being so young. And while it still had it's glitches (gotta love summer for that), I still can't help but watch it over and over.

I promised one of them I'd post it on here so she could see it. So, here you go! Enjoy!



Salty Meteors

As many of you know, there was a spectacular meteor shower last night (tonight and tomorrow night as well). I've always wanted to see a meteor shower but can't seem to stay awake until 2am (prime time for meteors) or it's been cloudy. So when I heard the best meteor shower of the year was this week I had to do something about it. One mass text later and we've got a group of us who are up for adventure! (whit, erika, steve and stephen, micah, tanner, kenna, and I. Troopers for sure!)
All we had to do next was figure out somewhere to see it from. We wanted to pick the prime spot. Away from city lights, and the mountains so we had a big open sky.

Then it came...THE SALT FLATS! None of us had ever been before, and we quickly learned that they're two hours away...so it was definately turning into an adventure to remember.

We decided it was worth it, loaded up on blankets and pillows and started our journey at 11pm. Kinda late to start a 2 hr trip...yes. But super fun!
We found a perfect spot and camped out. Of course, it being named the salt flats and all, we wondered...is it really salty? We found a quick and easy solution to that question. And yes, it is very salty.


This is the best picture I could get of the salt flats on my camera so late at night.
After a enjoying the wonderful show, it was time to head home. So we started our drive back at 5am... Luckily, being the driver and all, I got to watch the sunrise as everyone slept. It was just the perfect way to end a spectacular universal show. :) Of course followed by french toast for breakfast.

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