Last Little While

So, I still can't get the hang of posting pictures in the correct order. Im not sure I'll ever learn. Oh well. But here's what's been going on the past little while. I've been pretty busy, and I always think maybe my party throwing and busy-ness is done...only to find it's not. That's ok though, I like being busy. :)
Last night manda, melissa and I threw a bridal shower for one of the next brides to be, Michelle. We have so many weddings this summer just from my dance friends, it's crazy. We had the shower at my house and it was a lot of fun! We served chicken salad sandwiches, white chocolate covered strawberries and cookies, a fruit salad, and white grape juice to drink. It was quite yummy! You can see a pic of the bride and groom to be on the table.

I made a banner for the bride to keep. It's fun and easy.

Back when I was a junior in High School, melissa, michelle, brittany and I went to Kmart just because they had the closest photo booth. I remember taking the pictures, and I remember not getting any of them. So last week I asked those girls if any of them still had the pictures. I got a yes from one of the girls who gladly brought them to me last night at the shower. What a treasure these pics are! haha! If you see the other two floating around, let me know!

In anticipation of the new Harry Potter movie being released (which I saw last night! AH! LOVED IT!), I had one H.P. party per week working up to the release. So We started 6 weeks ago with numero uno and worked our way up to seeing the 6th one in theatres. It was a lot of fun! When we had the 5th party, we went all out!:
It was at my friend mindy's home and she has a wonderful theatre room that we got to watch it in. I served CHOCOLATE FROGS! just like in the movie (courtesy of Dear Lizzie!)...

We had cream soda as our butterbeer, gummie worms, pumpkin pasties, and then other yummy snacks.

I decorated it with some halloween stuff and even had these lovely skeleton hand goblets, and dry ice! Good times. :)

On 4th of July Pixie disapeared... =*( Kenna and mom were a wreck. We searched everywhere for her! I got hives from going down in the ravine, went door to door, called dispatch...no luck. I thought she was gone forever. She had been gone since 6 am. We had a family reunion at our house that afternoon, so the searching had to be put on hold. To keep us company, this cute little lady came along. She apparently had followed my neighbors from main street to our neighborhood. She was so cute, but we were able to find her home and return her to her owner. But still no Pixie. When I got home from church sunday afternoon (I didn't get home until 5 because I was in charge of break the fast) Pixie had come home! She was super dirty, thirsty, hungry (but that's nothing new), and completley exhausted. Needless to say, even with her most annoying barking, and whining and begging, we are so happy she is home. :)

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enought to get work off at the last minute and take a trip up to Idaho to visit bestie leslie! It was such a good time! See how happy we are. :)

We saw transformers at the drive in...

Went to a Pirate Party...

Here we are in our Pirate Fantasticness...

And went on a nice hike... I am not a hippie, but I like the headbands... It was good to see her, and idaho!

On my way up to Idaho I spotted this picturesque house with a giant flag pole and a giant American Flag waving in the wind. It was so beautiful I had to risk it and take a picture while driving...i've never done that before...ahem... It's not the clearest picture, but you get the idea. :)

Here I am at melissa's wedding. I had to hold the train so it didn't drag in the water. Love being a bridesmaid. :)

Here are Cherese and I at Gibbs's wedding. It was so beautiful!

I got to hold the bride's beautiful boutque. Again, love being a bridesmaid. :)

Here's mom and I loving the wedding!

I watched 27 dresses the other day and was able to relate to it so much! haha! jk. I love being able to help out at all these weddings. They're some of my dearest friends. :)
So there you go, that's been my life the past month. Love you all!

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