One more party checked off my list... *sigh of relief* Not that it's stressful or anything. It'll just be nice to have all of these parties (while they are incredibly fun!), out of the way.

I was super excited for this party! It was for some of the girls I worked at Dear Lizzie with. They are all so cute! It was so good to be able to get together with them again and just visit. :) I decided on a Pink, black and white theme for this party. Pretty generic, ya. But it was girly and fun, just like those girls. Plus...I didn't actually have to buy anything... *BIG sigh of relief!*

Here's the table. All ready to go...

Another Look...

I decided to give them a cute little mint with a cute little name tag for their place settings...
Party Favors: Lip gloss and mints...

Yummy drinks! Piper was kind enough to provide the strawberry lemonade. :) thank you piper! I provided the strawberries and ice, woot!

Brown Sugar Carrots, yummy...

And for DESSERT!!! Vanilla Ice Cream with fresh cut strawberries and whipped cream!! *DROOL*
The table with the carrots and drinks. Bon Appetit!
For the main course I made up my own pasta recipe... I had a meal all planned out and then remembered that Piper is a vegetarian!! So Pasta it was! It turned out pretty yummy if I do say so myself... :) Thank you again to Julie and Piper for all of your help! It was such a fun night!


I think I can, I think I can!!!

WORK IT!! My good friend Jewels and I have devised our own workout plan! I am super excited! I always say Im going to workout and eat healthy!...and then I don't... :*( I am hoping this time will be different!! If any of you want to join in, Feel Free!!! This is our schedule:
Mondays: Running
Tuesdays: Rotating each week between work out videos and Toning exercises
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Same as Tuesday
Friday: Outdoors fun! (tennis, hiking, biking etc)
Saturday: AF rec center has a free boot camp class! Woot Woot!!
For our video and toning days we're going to see if we can use the cultural hall and invite anyone to come! Hopefuly, having others involved with a set schedule will keep me going. Any suggestions for motivation and/or scheduling?
This is how I want to look when I'm done!!!
Macho Woman #1

Macho Woman #2!

Wouldn't that just look perfect with my 4'8" frame?

He just scares me... I feel like if I got to close to him with a sharp object he would unfortunately pop... :(

Obviously... I DO NOT want to look like these fantasticaly large people... I just thought you'd love to see them....ahem... hahahaha!!!! If they can muster up the self discipline and motivation to get this muscular, than I can certainly reach my goal!!!

I think I can, I think I can... :D



What is there to do in Alaska? Well, unless you're a super outdoors pro that can handle your tent being attacked by a bear or frigid cold weather, then there's not much you can do. But, if you look hard (wherever you live), you can always find something to do.
Lucky for us, Chib found a farm where they dye their baby chicks and ducklings to make them vibrantely spring technicolors! Odd... yes. But SUPER COOL! YES! It's perfectly harmless. They use a very small needle and inject food coloring into the eggs the day before they hatch. The baby chicks roll around in their eggs and get all colored. It wears off as they grow new feathers. So it was decided, we must go!

On the car ride up...
I was more excited than the kids... not unusual for me.

We pull up and see these guys... who knew turkeys were so crazy!
We found the chick room (which smelled absolutely revolting btw) and found these cute little guys. A bit disapointed because their not what we're expecting. But the kids are happy, so that's what matters right? Well, not for me. Im finding these colorful chicks no matter what!! I walk into the next room and find....
A rainbow of technicolored baby chicks!!! XD They were so cute!
The ducks were so sweet but a bit too afraid to get too close to us. Especially when there are scary kids banging on the plastic kiddie pool you call a home. :'(

These guys were so cute! They look fake! But I promise you, they are completely real. :)

You're not usually allowed to hold them... But don't forget to ask just in case.
I wish I could take one home with me! :( But at least I got to see them! I will never forget it! What crazy adventure will we find in Alaska next?!


Getting To Know Me With Some Of My Favorite Moments (from 06 on)

So we're going backwards kinda... But here in Alaska we've had many adventures! We got to go to the zoo. I really enjoyed just being outside, even if it was in the snow. The first week i got to Alaska we went walking around this nature center. Same kind of thing. I just enjoyed getting outside. :)

The week before i left for AK my two very best friends from Florida came to visit me!!! It was so amazing!! We had the best time ever! Here we are at East High. Go Wildcats!! (any HSM fans out there?)

The day before Chib and her fam left for AK our fam and adopted family member Les spent the night at gateway and Temple Square. Such an amazing night!!

Gotta love us! hahaa!!

I spent a lot of this winter sledding in my backyard. So much fun and such funny memories! If you havn't been sledding in a while, i suggest you go.

Im sitting at church one day just waiting for it to start when i look over and see...I think its her... Les! look! It's Sister Beck!! XD excitment!! It was so great getting to have her in our ward all day. She even asked if she could teach us how to make pies which of course we agreed to! Then I was also lucky enough to get o see her up here in AK! Random! I know! But it was seriously what i needed!

THRILLER!!!!! MWAHAHAHA! If you havn't seen it, go see it!

Halloween dinner. Such a fun night!

One last camp fire in the canyon before it was too cold. I love this pic of me and les. :)

One of my wonderful friends (not pictured) wedding reception. I love this pic because it's a reunion pic of my best friends from HS.

Bahahahahaa!! We went to walmart after seeing the play "sleepy hollow". Again, seriously one of the best nights EVER!!

Bahahahahahahah!!!! We're random and we love it!!

I love my little sis. :) This was at a fashion show we went to. And it's one of my favorite pics in the world!

Indiana Jones! We all bought tickets to the premier of the new I.J. which got us dinner at the Myan restraunt and then into the movie. Such a good day!!

One of my all time favorite places in the whole universe!!! And one of the best days ever!

My audition day for SYTYCD. Not one of the best days ever, but one of the best experiences ever. And i made some great friends and met Cat D.

I was lucky enough to be able to make my life long dream of working for Disney come true! This is Miss Minnie Mouse. One of my favorite people...er.... mice ever!

DONALD duck and his besties dancing in their show "Dream Along With Mickey".

This was probably my favorite vacation ever! Probably because it was at the time where i needed it the most. :)

So there you have it. My favorite moments that i have pictures of from the last few years. I hope it makes sense etc. Im new to this whole blogging thing and havn't quite figured it out yet. haha!
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