I love fall. And since yesterday was GORGEOUS i decided to try my hand at some more photography. Im not sure I have a talent, but I am sure that nature was absolutely perfect for me yesterday. Here are some of my favorites:

Love these shoes!

There you go, thanks to a beautiful day, we got some pretty cool pictures.
If you're dying to see pictures of my trip (I know you are! jk) You'll have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately I have very few from our trip, I let the other girls do most of the picture taking, so I have to wait until I can get them from them.


Chablis said...

Very pretty! I'm jealous because all the leaves are gone from our trees and it's dark and gloomy up here!

Jon and Julie Arndt said...

Those are some awesome pictures! You are beautiful, Gentri!

Greg and Karianne said...

Gentri! I love your blog! You're so cute and funny and I miss you! I'm gonna add you on my page though so I can check up on you :)

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