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Here's another random update...
Tonight I went swimming for the first time in 4 years...uh...really sad. But now it's happy. I forgot how fun it is! I will never let myself go 4 years without swimming again!!
Pretend this is me in the photo below, swimming so beautifuly not Esther Williams.
I finished my scarf!! :D Unfortunately I didn't have enough yarn to make a real scarf. It's much too small. But it's complete and Im ready to move on!

Cabin trip #2 The Dixie Gang!!
These are some of my favorite people in the whole world. The "Dixie Gang" is a group of best friends. When our parents were in college (Dixie college, thus, the "Dixie Gang") they gained everlasting friendships and we all still get together often. Not as often as I'd like, but every couple months or so. They are amazing and so much fun to be with! Im so happy we got to all spend the weekend together at our cabin. :)
Here we have Jaron trying to eat kenna. Tsk Tsk Jaron!

So cute! Renee and Bert.

Dad playing golf. Awesome Huh? :D

Me, mom, and Terri sitting on the cabin porch.

Alicia and Jessica on top of the world!! Jessica was an adoptive member of the Dixie Gang this weekend. ;)

Tyler is brave. I couldn't climb up in fear I wouldn't be able to get down. Haha!

Cute Melanie. She had just braved the FREEZING water in the mine.

Zach about to enter the mine.
Kenna after sorta braving the mine. Well, actually she was a wimp. You can see how cold the water was with this one simple picture. haha!

Kinzie and Pixie sitting around the camp fire. We are NEVER bringing Pixie to the cabin (or anywhere else for that matter) again! And now the poor thing is sick as a dog...

Beautiful view from the mine, looking down towards the cabin.


Sunrise from the top of the world. Breathtaking. Awesome photography skills matt!

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Katie said...

Looks like fun! One of these days I will have to join you up there. Maybe next summer when it is warm at nights?

Chablis said...

I'm so sad I missed that trip. It looks like a lot of fun! congrats on the scarf, it looks good!

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