Gentri Lee: Carnival Of The Animals


Carnival Of The Animals

This adventure actually took place mid august. Im behind. :P Can you guess where we went?
Kenna, give them a hint...
The ZOO!!!I havn't been in probably 10 years. My friend Jen came into town on her way to Fl and we had to come up with an adventure she would remember forever! (I know there are zoos everywhere, I was running low on ideas that day. But it ended up being SO much fun.)
We went at a great time! There were lots of cute baby animals! Here's the baby giraffe asleep. Sweet Dreams!

Who knew we would measure up to be the size of adult gorrillas?

Here's the mommy snow leopard and if you look to the right of the pic (your right) you can see the baby snow leopard sleeping by it's mommy's tail! So sweet. :)
I think we had more fun taking pictures with the statues of the animals than the actual animals...

Here's kenna, jen and I enjoying the day out in the sun.
Zoo Adventure=SUCCESS


Rachel said...

Everytime I read Harry Potter 1 I get the desire to go to the zoo! I guess it's time I tell future hubby that we need to hit up the Zoo.

P.S. You look beautiful!

Chablis said...

FUN!! We are desperate for a good zoo up here.

Love you and LOVE your new layout!


KennaLee said...