Autumn Time!

Bad news first: Can't sleep. :P That's why Im posting at 1 am. haha!
Good news: IT'S FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fall is my absolute favorite season. ^_^
This fall should be especially good because Im starting it off with a VACATION! First one in 2 years people! That is why my blog has already taken it's Halloween Ensemble, since I will be gone for 2 weeks and unable to change it when October comes.
This is hopefuly going to be the best vacation ever. It's me and 4 other friends. We're driving to St. George (stopping on the way to have dinner w/ my lil sis), staying w/ my aunt then heading to vegas early for a few hours. Then we're heading to Cali that night, going to DISNEYLAND (you can imagine my joy...haha!) saturday. Then we're flying out sunday to somewhere out of the country...(first time I've been out of the country too!)...Guess where...
We're going to Mazatlan, Mexico!
We've got this amazing suite we're staying in. Im so excited! It's a much needed trip.
Back to the fact that it's now AUTUMN. Here's some more good news. We have PUMPKINS growing in our garden!!!!! It's amazing. I love it! It gives it a Cinderella feel. :)
This is the biggest one. We have about 6 PUMPKINS growing!! It's so exciting!
Well, unless something REALLY interesting happens before I take off on thursday, you won't be hearing from me for 2 weeks! SAD.... or not.... ^_^
Have a great beginning of FALL!!

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Chablis said...

Pumpkins?!?! Now I really want to come out there! Your first vacation in 2 years...I think our family trip to Disney World was my last vacation. Blech.

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