Zero To Hero!

Here we have one of my dance classes summer performance! :D I was super excited about this dance because, as you would have guessed, it's to a disney song! haha! They did a great job, expecially for still being so young. And while it still had it's glitches (gotta love summer for that), I still can't help but watch it over and over.

I promised one of them I'd post it on here so she could see it. So, here you go! Enjoy!



Jewely Fay :) said...

Thats sooo adrorable!!

Chablis said...

I totally forgot to comment because I had to walk away from Gracie and Lydia watching it over and over! Very cute. The first lift they did was awesome!

Leslie Bucklew said...

looks like your having so much fun! i wish i could of gone out to the salt flats! p.s. tell chib i need to be able to see her blog! invite me!!! haha

Laura Hall said...

Cute blog Gentri! I am happy I found it!

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