Roy? Roy?

So, one of my best friends (and sister) in the whole of forever has moved away to school. Good for her sad for me. :( We had a great time moving her stuff down and getting her all set for college life! But, I miss you Kenna Lee!
Kenna hurt her elbow...ouch. Here's her side of her dorm. They're quite small. She started to put things where she thought they should go, but I quickly took over and put them where they really needed to go, and made things cute. :D (thats my specialty!) Of course there's only so much you can do, and I couldn't take good pictures, so they're blury. Sorry.
When we graduate from high school, we get a home made quilt made by our dear mother. Isn't this one beautiful? I couldn't get a great pic because of the height of the bed...
Decorative pillows to complete her bed. Makes it more home-y right?
And one of the coolest things EVER! is this: It's a room difuser (makes it smell nice) and it (hold onto your chairs) CHANGES COLORS!!! SO amazing! Thanks from kenna to jeff. :)
So there you go. Kenna is having the time of her life already. :) Kenna, always remember to: Be honest and kind and good and true, In all that you say in all that you do (and follow the Prophet in all that you do) (and treat others how you want them to treat you) (and strive for exellence in all that you do). I want those repeat one ever day on your way to school! Just like we were raised to do!


Chablis said...

Roy? Who the heck is Roy?

Anyway- I am so jealous of the relationship that you two have. I missed out on that.

Hahahah- Betty Jo would be so proud!!

Jon and Julie Arndt said...

That looks very similar to the dorm I lived in my first semester at BYUI. I hate the lofted beds. It was always annoying to have to climb into bed to take a nap or whatever. Plus, we couldn't control the heat, so it was ALWAYS hot in the room (and didn't help with being up so high).

I'm sorry you're the only child left at home! So sad! :(

k+m said...

omigosh!!! i LOVE that you remember that! forget my mom, chib... I'M SO PROUD!!!

KennaLee said...

gentri i love you so much!!!!!!! i miss you too! you are forever my best friend g! miss you tons and can't wait until either i'm able to come home or you come down to visit!!! :) love you

rachel said...

You are such an awesome big sister!

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