Salty Meteors

As many of you know, there was a spectacular meteor shower last night (tonight and tomorrow night as well). I've always wanted to see a meteor shower but can't seem to stay awake until 2am (prime time for meteors) or it's been cloudy. So when I heard the best meteor shower of the year was this week I had to do something about it. One mass text later and we've got a group of us who are up for adventure! (whit, erika, steve and stephen, micah, tanner, kenna, and I. Troopers for sure!)
All we had to do next was figure out somewhere to see it from. We wanted to pick the prime spot. Away from city lights, and the mountains so we had a big open sky.

Then it came...THE SALT FLATS! None of us had ever been before, and we quickly learned that they're two hours away...so it was definately turning into an adventure to remember.

We decided it was worth it, loaded up on blankets and pillows and started our journey at 11pm. Kinda late to start a 2 hr trip...yes. But super fun!
We found a perfect spot and camped out. Of course, it being named the salt flats and all, we wondered...is it really salty? We found a quick and easy solution to that question. And yes, it is very salty.


This is the best picture I could get of the salt flats on my camera so late at night.
After a enjoying the wonderful show, it was time to head home. So we started our drive back at 5am... Luckily, being the driver and all, I got to watch the sunrise as everyone slept. It was just the perfect way to end a spectacular universal show. :) Of course followed by french toast for breakfast.


Jewely Fay :) said...

Awesome!! I only watched it from 10 to 11, and still saw some beautiful ones :)

Katie said...

I am sad I missed it! It sounds like it was an adventure.

Cathie said...

How fun! You are adventurous! You do need to come visit in the summer - much nicer than the time you were here. You are missed!

Jon and Julie Arndt said...

Wow. I didn't even know there was a Meteor Shower until some of the leaders were talking about it at Mutual. Sounds like you had a fun adventure! I don't know that I could drive two hours at 5 AM with no sleep! Haha. I'm glad you made it safely back to be able to post about it! :)

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