What is there to do in Alaska? Well, unless you're a super outdoors pro that can handle your tent being attacked by a bear or frigid cold weather, then there's not much you can do. But, if you look hard (wherever you live), you can always find something to do.
Lucky for us, Chib found a farm where they dye their baby chicks and ducklings to make them vibrantely spring technicolors! Odd... yes. But SUPER COOL! YES! It's perfectly harmless. They use a very small needle and inject food coloring into the eggs the day before they hatch. The baby chicks roll around in their eggs and get all colored. It wears off as they grow new feathers. So it was decided, we must go!

On the car ride up...
I was more excited than the kids... not unusual for me.

We pull up and see these guys... who knew turkeys were so crazy!
We found the chick room (which smelled absolutely revolting btw) and found these cute little guys. A bit disapointed because their not what we're expecting. But the kids are happy, so that's what matters right? Well, not for me. Im finding these colorful chicks no matter what!! I walk into the next room and find....
A rainbow of technicolored baby chicks!!! XD They were so cute!
The ducks were so sweet but a bit too afraid to get too close to us. Especially when there are scary kids banging on the plastic kiddie pool you call a home. :'(

These guys were so cute! They look fake! But I promise you, they are completely real. :)

You're not usually allowed to hold them... But don't forget to ask just in case.
I wish I could take one home with me! :( But at least I got to see them! I will never forget it! What crazy adventure will we find in Alaska next?!


Katie said...

That is pretty much the coolest thing ever! They are adorable :)

Chablis said...

It was way fun. Things are always fun with you Gen, because yes, you are a bit spastic sometimes. The girls feed off of your giddyness. That is definitely on my list to do again next Easter!

Jen said...

ah- back in the day. come on- you MISS that chicken coop poop smell every now and then, right? :)

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