I think I can, I think I can!!!

WORK IT!! My good friend Jewels and I have devised our own workout plan! I am super excited! I always say Im going to workout and eat healthy!...and then I don't... :*( I am hoping this time will be different!! If any of you want to join in, Feel Free!!! This is our schedule:
Mondays: Running
Tuesdays: Rotating each week between work out videos and Toning exercises
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Same as Tuesday
Friday: Outdoors fun! (tennis, hiking, biking etc)
Saturday: AF rec center has a free boot camp class! Woot Woot!!
For our video and toning days we're going to see if we can use the cultural hall and invite anyone to come! Hopefuly, having others involved with a set schedule will keep me going. Any suggestions for motivation and/or scheduling?
This is how I want to look when I'm done!!!
Macho Woman #1

Macho Woman #2!

Wouldn't that just look perfect with my 4'8" frame?

He just scares me... I feel like if I got to close to him with a sharp object he would unfortunately pop... :(

Obviously... I DO NOT want to look like these fantasticaly large people... I just thought you'd love to see them....ahem... hahahaha!!!! If they can muster up the self discipline and motivation to get this muscular, than I can certainly reach my goal!!!

I think I can, I think I can... :D


Jewely Fay :) said...

Sooo.... Those pictures make me want to vomit...haha!
I'm SO excited for this! I really hope we can keep it up, and that I can continue to work out with you when I move out. We'll find a way!!!

Chablis said...

Gross, gross, gross! I can't believe anyone would EVER want to look like that.

Way to go! It makes it so much better when you have a friend to do it with you.

Katie said...

Oh sick. I hope you don't end up looking like that... :)

Jon and Julie said...

I hope those pictures are photoshopped. That is disgusting!!

I've been exercising with my neighbor for the past three months. We only doing running together, but her goal this year was to be able to run a 5K. We did a 6 week program that took us from struggling to run 3 minutes to running 40+ minutes straight. We now run a 5K two times a week. But we probably do at least two miles on each of the other two days we run. It's definitely a lot better to do the exercises with a friend because then you'll feel like you HAVE to do it (unless you're normally a flakey person, which I know you're not).

So my only suggestion would be to actually write out what you're going to do each day/week. Then you'll have a schedule of what you're supposed to do that day and, hopefully, won't say, "well, I don't feel like running 30 minutes today, so I'll just run for 10 minutes instead."

Good luck!!!

Jenn said...

hey look at me commenting! i really like that idea. i would like to join ya'. I'm really liking walks lately too. usually my pace is different than others though...but i'll try to keep up! those pics were...interesting. its like the hulk or something. only more human looking. kinda. eww. haha though!

Jen said...

wa ha ha- those pictures make me cringe!!! and laugh. have you ever watched those shows?! i've scanned through them and sometimes end up mesmerized by the sheer weirdness of it all. so bizarre.

way to form a routine! i'm looking forward to doing something more than WALKING in a few months. :)

Leslie Bucklew said...

uh.... EW~! those pictures are disgusting! haha! which is why you probly posted them! This semester i'm doing so bad at working out! last semester I was so good! WAAAA!!! You are going to have to whip me into shape this summer!

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